192 Iridium

Iridium is the most corrosion-resistant metal known.

Iridium was named after ISIS The goddess

Iridium literally means ‘Of Rainbows”

Organo-iridium compounds contain iridium–carbon bonds where the metal is usually in lower oxidation states. For example, oxidation state zero is found in tetrairidium dodecacarbonyl,

Ir4(CO)12, which is the most common and stable binary carbonyl of iridium. In this compound, each of the iridium atoms is bonded to the other three, forming a tetrahedral cluster. Some organometallic Ir(I) compounds are notable enough to be named after their discoverers. One is Vaska’s complex,
which has the unusual property of binding to the  dioxygen molecule.



Iridium Metal Pure

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